Technology You Didn’t Know You (And Your Pet) Absolutely Must Have!

1. iCPooch

iCPooch – Described by TechCrunch as “A Remote Treat Dispenser & Pet Facetime Terminal For Absent Dog Owners” – Now who doesn’t need that?
It started as a Kickstarter campaign, but fortunately made the bill, and is now available for the princely sum of $270.99 from

2. Pod 2 GPS + WiFi Tracker.

Do you have a pet who is in the habit of losing themselves? Or you keep losing them?  The Pod 2 GPS + Wifi Tracker is  cheeky little device that attaches straight to your pets collar, and allows you to track their whereabouts straight from your phone. Available for just $199.99 and then a $49 SIM subscription fee for each year following this.

3. iFetch

Sometimes the 52 tequilas from the night before just don’t leave you with the energy to play with your pooch- Enter iFetch! This takes all the hard work off your hands! You can lie back and recover, whilst your pooch gets all the exercise they need! It’s $115, but we’re sure you’ll use it again and again.

4. SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

Do you keep having the wrong cat’s entering your house? If so, the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door might be just the thing you need! It uses your pets microchip to ID them and only lets the right cat into the right house! At just $109.99, it’s not much to keep out those cat burglars! (sorry).

5. FroliCat Bolt

This is a little bit like the iFetch, but for your more feline friend. The FroliCat Bolt will keep them entertained for hours with it’s darting laser. So they’ll be happy, healthy and exercised, whilst you can relax away to your heart’s content. We found it for $17.95 on Amazon.

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